September 21, 2007

Welcome Jeffrey McAlister

Jeffrey McAlister at his official site, Model Mayhem, deviantART.

When I saw for the first time the work of Jeffrey McAlister I told me "Wow !" Because Jeffrey is not a shy photographer. His pictures are strongly sensual and he doesn't care about the category where people want to classify him. He just loves making them... and he's right.


" Jeffrey McAlister lives and works in the Boston area.

His erotic photography has been gaining greater exposure in many venues, most recently in the publication, "The Mammoth Book of Erotic Women".

Jeffrey specializes in headshots, portraits, art nudes, erotic nudes and the complete worship of smart strong beautiful women."


“For me the nude was a natural destination. No other subject is so fundamental nor can I see any subject I feel so personally and emotionally. We hunger for it and fear it, celebrate the body and condemn it. Ultimately I was drawn to shooting the nude, like a moth to a flame.”



 So here is Credo :

Art should be personal.

Art should be about passion.

Art should embrace whatever aspect of the human condition in our world the artist feels compelled to explore and present.

The erotic nude compells me.

Why not, dogs, or landscapes, or miniature trains, or flowers... because they aren't erotic nudes."

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