September 10, 2007

Mattthew Pearl is with us

Mattthew Pearl at deviantART, Model Mayhem, model launch.

"Edwards Series O5"
Art Model Jennifer Edwards

Mattthew Pearl is 28 and lives in Massachusetts, USA.

" My name is Mattthew John Pearl and I am a photographer. I started out shooting as far as I can remember. A lot of it back then was just for kicks until I slowly developed a further interest in the field.

I proceeded to explore the female figure and at times the male figure as well. I started in my home basement experimenting with light in the dark. After almost 2 years of that I broke out and continued on using natural light working in abandoned locations such as old homes, mills, farms, and anywhere I felt I could get into.

"Figure in Mill 2006"

Shooting in a basement became a very large sketch book to me and working outside I felt I was not only in for a challenge but a challenge I embraced. The models who worked by my side as well as few friends agreed I had discovered an area that displayed the edge I needed. The interior spaces chosen always had muted light, but enough that pushed further in the themes for obsession, seduction, fine art classic, emptiness, and haunting.

There is something about the natural aging and decay of a building I love. There is so much beauty in how the walls crumble, or peel, how colors fade, broken windows or cracks in curtains that allow light to hit it in such detail. Wood floors are covered in dust, there is forgotten furniture still in place, and how graffiti is exhibited all over the walls all help to build the portrait. Placing the models in specific locations in each room and positioning them along with expression or none at all leaves the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions as to what it could be portraying.

"The Long Awaited Reunion 02"
Art Model Angela

"Edwards Series 06"
Art Model Jennifer Edwards

My work showed strong and I found myself covering most of the categories : fine art nude and glamour, portraiture, lingerie, and scenic. Scenic was more personal to me because it was a test each time no matter what and I still to this day enjoy it. It makes me look further away from my own self lowing and find what I see as beautiful and free I suppose. What makes Mattthew Pearl smile.

Some photographs taken would present themselves as seductive, mysterious, haunting, obsessive, or portraying a side of emptiness.

Another factor in this field of work with the female form is that all the of the models stood out in their own unique way, making not only my body of work strong but theirs as well. The photographs taken of them displayed confidence, trust in the photographer, and the fact they had a good understanding to what it was we were focused on made each shoot fun and to the point. From glamour, fashion, fine art nude to simply artistic portraits, each body of work was never a disappointment.

The truth is there were some rough spots but those photographs I saw as sketches which later on led to very excellent shot.

"The Icon Model From 2003"
Art Model Samantha Busfield

I use various mediums and layer them continuously. Correcting and destroying but in the end there is always an indication of beauty, a sign of who I am underneath so much complexity.

The places I shoot at using the female figure are a clear sign of how my paintings are, however using the female form as mark of beauty and innocence portrays a more visual approach.

Perhaps by fact that the themes that are presented by each model I have worked with are hidden secrets to other personalities, obsessions, desires, emptiness, confidence, dreams, or lost innocence. I am very much intrigued by what I come up with, whether it be writing, painting, photography, or even at times video. That alone is a whole other aspect of me you will just have to see in time."

"Lisa Vol 02 2006"
Art Model Lisa

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