September 30, 2007

Welcome Lara Jade

You'll find Lara Jade at Flickr

"Self Portrait"

Lara Jade is young, beautiful like an angel, and already so incredibly talented... and prolific... and so inspired...

I'm sure you can imagine how much I'm impressed, so no need to tell you more about this wonderful artist, except that Lara Jade is becoming one of these renowned photographers we all will be talking about in a very next future.

Model Danielle

"Fight Series"
Model Yasmin Green

" I'm eighteen and currently live with my boyfriend in the Midlands.
I've always been interested in art but I've had a passion for photography since I was thirteen.

Recently I just finished my diploma courses, studying photography at Sutton Coldfield College, and I'm going on to study a degree in photography at university later this year.
My work has been featured in a range of magazines and e-zines and I've worked with a variety of clients including bands, actors and children.
I am always trying to find ways of taking my work to the next level."

Model Yasmin Green

"Turn Into"
Model Yasmin Green

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