January 7, 2014

Welcome Christophe Vermare

" I found an "easy" path to collect feeling and feed my fusion core : I take pictures." Christophe Vermare

"Reflections in Green water"
Art Model Kyla Cole

"Nude 05"

Christophe Vermare is a french photographer living in Japan.

Working mostly in B&W, Christophe Vermare shoots like a sculptor, plays with the light like a painter and always looks for the feelings more than the reality.

I know his fantastic work since a long time, of course, and I love his artistic compositions in great settings, his so particular creativity, his expressive models, never far from water, his preferred element. There is an amazing sensuality in all his appealing nude pictures, a special touch we can't miss.

"Nude 23"

Growing up in Montalivet, France, along the Atlantic coast, Christophe Vermare was raised in a nudist family.

He says growing up like that helped him to discover the little magical moments in life. It wasn't the perfectly formed Swedish girls who were sunbathing by him that struck him so. It was those infinitely brief moments, flashes of brilliance that truly moved him. Glimpses of a woman's curves, her breast breaking through her hair with everything framed by the sea and sun. It was an epiphany for him.

Christophe Vermare now holds a doctorate in Plasma Physics and his life has changed from those idyllic days of his boyhood. But the sea still draws him, and windsurfing and sailing are passions.

Another is photography - an interest he picked up when he started taking pictures of a girl named Anne, who eventually became his wife.

Shooting such photos, he says, is not about intimacy, rather it is about making a brief vision last for eternity.

"Alolicris 1"

"Alolicris 2"

Extract from his journal :

It seems to be time for me to write down some lines about the way I live Photography. English is not my native language - hope you will catch some - if not you can always ask me to practice some more...

"Kyla portrait 09"
Art Model Kyla Cole

First, it's clear to me that every art must start on a set of emotions, before anything.

When emotions are here, your mind acts as a fusion power plant for a while - souvenirs are mixed with the projections of reality you just collected, education driven reactions try to control some but all this magic will leave you different for sure, you are bleeding, you don't have to bite your tongue - but you did.

Want some more ? Sure we do. We enjoy this new state for a period of time, new questions, more focused interests on particular things, need to exchange with others... but like coming back from the sea, as soon you reach the harbor even before tying the ropes - you know. You know that you will need more. You want to live.

"elle eau"

I found an "easy" path to collect feeling and feed my fusion core. I take pictures. Damn ! What a scoop. Every one does, every one projects reality on 2D paper, every one uses those to remember, to feel again... so do I.

But two things : before and after the CLICK. "Before" can be the perfect time to look around, take time and search. Think about what you like and be trapped on this no end path - knowing yourself.

I collected projections but now, "after", the much more complicated process can continue. What do I like, I prefer ? Why this particular light on this particular person obliges me to look somewhere else ? Why this old tree under this sky asks me to cry ?

Photography allows an evolution process, gives you a base to play with.

You can change this color or this form on this ridiculous screen or piece of paper and it will act through your mind as a possible reality. Judas, you just give your fuel - a synthetic one, but it's burning !

Just like a sculptor who starts with forms he found in nature and just change them... He doesn't know how to start from ground... yet...

"Nude 02"

Maybe I will be a drawer or a painter in the next life - if I learn to.

His new book

so Kyla
Carnet n°1
Just published !
Standard Portrait
8x10 inches (20x25 cm)
38 pages

His first "carnet" dedicated to two exchanges he had with Kyla Cole.

To purchase : here.

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