January 5, 2009

David L. Le Beck and St Merrique

A new series by the prolific David LeBeck (2877 photographs in his gallery) with a fabulous model called St Merrique ! I'm speechless...

" I've been so fortunate to shoot two days in a row on December 29th and 30th with two amazing and wonderful models, Maria J and St Merrique !
Both are creative in their own right and contribute fully when we work with their own vision.
Both are Beautiful and intelligent with wonderful sweet personalities !
Both are excellent with their poses, their awareness of the light and their ability to use their emotions in their work.
Both are completely comfortable in the nude.
I hope both will be an inspiration for me for years to come." David LeBeck

"St Merrique 3, 156"

"St Merrique 2, 134"

"St Merrique 3 - Lux Oriental 091"

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