January 19, 2014

Iringó Demeter's First Feature

Iringó Demeter at her official site.

"Everything broke that week (1)"
A Foreign Story Series, chapter 1

"Everything broke that week"
A Foreign Story Series, chapter 1

"Le couple (1)"

A Foreign Story Series, chapter 2

Born in Romania in 1989, Iringó Demeter is a truly promising and passionate photographer I'm very glad to welcome in our large community.

Her work, mostly in B/W and natural light, not an easy exercise, you'll agree, touches me by its poetry. There is a softness, a fragility we can feel in each of her photographs, maybe this typical melancholy of the eastern artists.

Anyway, here she is with some of her beautiful photographs she choosed herself for this feature.

Dear Iringó, first, keep going on, never stop, you found your way and it's a divine gift. Second, don't hesitate to ask for advices to the contributing artists of this community, they'll help you with pleasure, because they all remember when they started out. And third, last but not least, you have your touch, a "signature" which makes your difference.

So welcome on board the Artist ! And keep us informed ;)

"Momentarily Untitled"

Her bio :

"I was born in 1989 somewhere in the middle of Transylvania, Romania.

Even if I wanted to study arts from the beginning, I ended up studying philology in highschool. Then, when time came for college I applied to an art university in my country.

Now I am very near to completing my bachelor degree in photography (in June, 2011). Momentarily I am studying in Liege, Belgium thanks to the Erasmus programme. For the future I plan to keep up with my studies. I will continue with applying for a MA degree somewhere abroad.

"ID impaired (1)"
The Impaired Project Series

"ID impaired (2)"
The Impaired Project Series

"ID impaired"
The Impaired Project Series

I do not remember exactly how I discovered photography, the only thing that I know is that since then I changed a lot.

I see and I judge things in a different way. I cannot say I am a born talent, I started from scratch and I never doubted what I like.

Even if my first well composed, correctly exposed picture was with my cat, I was always interested in photographing people, their bodies, their faces, their clothing, things they do. Even with this, I must say I never imagined that I will ever have the courage to take a nude shot of somebody.

"Everything broke that week (2)"
A Foreign Story Series, chapter 1

My real journey in nude photography started with a few self portraits. I never thought I will show them to somebody.

Few months later I had an exhibition with those works. That time I already had some experience with this kind of photography, but back then I did not feel attracted very much to it.

After the show opening I remember how ecstatic I felt when some girls from my friends-circle came and told me that they would like to be my models, then how disappointed I was when they changed their mind.

"A Foreign Story Chapter 1"

"Everything broke that week (3)"
A Foreign Story Series, chapter 1

That was the point when I challenged myself to find out more about nude photography. Since then a self-challenge it is every single shooting !

I prefer to previously have a relationship with the person I work with. My photographs are both about me and my models. My models have to share in some way my vision, my current state of mind and soul. I do not like to push them. I like to let them discover themselves on the given location, just after this I will intervent with other indications.

I also prefer natural light over the studio and most of my works are in black and white. I use colour just if I think that it is important for the subject I choose to picture, if it's helping the final image to express more."

"Momentarily Untitled"

Iringó Demeter ©

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