January 6, 2014

Vernon Trent

Vernon Trent at his official site, his blog, deviantART.

Art Model Madame Bink

" amateurs worry about equipment,
professionals worry about money,

masters worry about light,

I just take pictures..." Vernon Trent

"The comfort of strangers I"
Art Model Kat Love

All has probably been said about the tremendous talent of Vernon Trent, his successfull way to play with the shadows and light, his predilection for darker tones, the way he looks at the world, his inspiration, innovation, creativity, inventiveness... and his fame, to make short.

But I've not read anything about his "feminine" approach, I mean delicate, when he's shooting.

Vernon Trent's sensitivity explodes in each of his photographs, giving them an uncommon strength combined with a poetic atmospher nobody can miss. And if you read him, carefully, you'll see what I'm talking about. Because, big cherries on the cake, Vernon Trent is also a poet who gives a sense to each piece of his artworks, titles included.

What could I add ?... It would be so much easy in french. I could write about him until the end of the day... ?... Yes ! Just a big thank for joining our community. Welcome on board dear Vernon !

Vernon Trent's by Mark Kitaoka, photographer :

Upon the art of Vernon Trent, one cannot help but wonder : “ Where does such a rich imagination combined with ability to capture the beauty of the human form originate ?”

"... anyway"
Art Model Lie

" Vernon Trent was born in Romania in 1967 and he currently resides near Dusseldorf, Germany.

His exhibitions include European as well as United States venues such as, Munich, Frankfurt, Bocholt, Ratingen, Duluth, San Mateo and Chicago.
His print recognition include Photomagazines and various photographic reviews.

Upon the art of Vernon Trent, one cannot help but wonder : “Where does such a rich imagination combined with ability to capture the beauty of the human form originate ?”

That question becomes even more beguiling after meeting the man behind the art. An imposing figure of a man, Vernon’s outward appearance betrays the sensitivity and perceptive nature of the man so apparent in his art.

"One VIII"
Art Model Lie

His journey to the art you see before today began as a child. When most children his age were playing games and attending parties, Vernon was honored with his very first photographic exhibition.

At the “seasoned” age of 10, his talents were already recognized by the local photographic community.

Art Model Kat Love

Art Model Vassanta

Continuing to gather inspiration from the relationship between light and depth of field, he focused his evolving talents on the eternal expanse of nature and the man made wonders of architecture.

His insatiable hunger for new challenges moved him toward all photographic subject matter.

The next challenge to fold into his repertoire was product photography where as before he excelled. But even keen talent cannot propel a man to the level Vernon has achieved without the textures of life experience and raw tenacity.

Art Models Amber and Candace Nirvana

Art Model Candace Nirvana

When most artists would be satisfied with the comfort and security of repeated success, Vernon challenged himself yet again, moving to the difficult and overcrowded world of nude photography.

“Combining the sheer beauty of the female form with emotional elements sometimes incongruous with the sensuality of nude photographic art elevates Mr. Trent’s style above the rank and file.”
is a quote that best describes Vernon’s unique style in an artistic field littered with “me too” imagery.

"Dominique II"


"With different eyes"
Art Model MaliZ

As you become immersed in Vernon’s chosen art form, you will often find yourself mesmerized by the textures, subject and lighting.

Yet the most striking aspect of his art is the sensitivity and emotion that holds a viewer immersed and will occupy your mind long after your eyes leave his work."

"The Bluest blues III"
Art Model Madame Bink

" The inspiration for “The bluest blues” series was born on an evening when I was listening to Alvin Lee’s song, The Bluest Blues. I love this song and the lyrics inspired me to the shots I have taken, to express my feelings and give the song a kind of visual lyrics. As for the presentation, I used the “VT-Style” to implement and accentuate the mood, the blue hues for the masculine, the gold/copper tones for the preciousness, yet the treasure a man has when he loves a woman, the structure for the highs and lows in one’s life. The nostalgic feeling is another element I have added, to accentuate that love is something which lasts forever, no matter what we love. And for all that I have added flora as an element of life, the growing and developing life, with its delicateness and beauty when it starts and the maturity we achieve in our life. It has to do with the stages in our life, with birth, growing up, love, sex and passing away… What else can describe the stages better as a floral element ?"

"The Bluest blues II"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

Art Model Stephanie-Anne

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