January 24, 2014

Welcome Corwin Prescott

"Caught on the Wind"

"Hold Me"
Art Model Jacquelyn Marie

Corwin Prescott, from Philadelphia (USA), is 20 years old... As says Thorsten Jankowski, his work is really amazing despite his short experience, two years to be precise.

Recently, I've written a tribute to the young photographers beginning by this famous quote of Pierre Corneille (French tragedian, 1606-1684) : 
" True, I am young, but for souls nobly born valor doesn't await the passing of years."

 Corwin is born artist, no matter how old he is. And it's a gift he's working hard, learning and trying numerous themes and technics with a personal touch we can't miss.
I confess, I confirm and I sign : I'm admirative... And very honored to welcome him in our columns.

"The Lost Room V"

" I do this to express myself, to capture personality and to experiment. This is my life. Welcome to it."


" I am a graduate of Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, and have been shooting for about 2 years.

I'm a photo shooting maniac, lover of music and all kinds of stuff.

Most of my work is in the field of portraiture with a fine art twist, alternative fashion, fetish and beauty work.

Currently I do freelance model portfolio development and more commercial portraiture."

"Smee Gal"

"Finding a New Life"

By Thorsten Jankowski :

" This is a wonderful piece of work you show here... You are on my list !"

"It's The Creature Inside"


By Warren Brown :

" Just discovered your gallery. I'll be back soon to give it a more detailed perusal !"


By Zeitgeist Photography :

" I really admire your style and love your choices of tones in your post-processing."

"Breaking My Back, Feels Right"

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