January 1, 2014

Welcome Jan Murphy

"Shadow attitude"
Art Model Sam

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Self-called abstract and portrait photographer, Jan Murphy is an accomplished artist.

Working by turns soft or powerful themes, mainly in a strongly contrasted ambiance, her talent covers a wide range of genres, where she expresses herself with a great inventiveness.

The first thing which appealed me was her inexhaustible inspiration.
The second her compositions, so personal, without sophistication, showing her desire to capture the essence of her models.
And the third her deep wish to help me to write her first feature. I've discovered in our correspondence a passionate and committed woman, and you know how much I love that... Don't you ?

So, here she is, in the right place, at the right moment, to open the new year by a magnificent drum roll !

Welcome Jan ! And thanks for your support.

"Behind Bars"

Her favorite quote : "Like the pen, it is as good as the man who uses it. It can be the extension of mind and heart." John Steinbeck on Robert Capa

" Born in the county of Essex in 1964, living in London (UK), I am a passionate professional photographer since 2003 and a photographic artist.

I do love working on new creative concepts as I am very serious about my work. I enjoy my time when shooting but I definitely do not appreciate those that do not take this work seriously. It is my job and I wish others to respect this.

"Flattering Lines"
Art Model Sam

From as young as I can remember I wanted to share the world the way I see it. I found photography to be a fantastic outlet for this, greatly inspired by many others, some being : Henri Cartier Bresson, Man Ray, Lee Miller, Ansel Adams, the list really does go on as so many styles out there to appreciate.

And here I am, many years wiser, with evolving styles and a book out next year, still enjoying the road.

Travelling always inspires as you meet so many wise and wonderful others along the way, so many lost opportunites where not carrying a camera but always mentally remembering what was seen and capturing mental images instead.

Model Soneya

In 2006, I joined forces with my partner Mark Varley and together we created Twisted Photography. It seems to be the beginning of many new ventures, here's to embracing them all.

At present, I am working on a Portrait Photographic Book, primarily about people from all walks of life and how they ultimately wish to be portrayed. They get to show their essence, to get across to the camera, the true them !

Photoshoot's will be taking place throughout 2008. The book will be available, along with print sales either late 2008/early 2009 (if all goes to plan).

I will be working too on a "movement" project soon too with dancer's, acrobats, Capoeira groovers and yoga students (poses from this are stunning)."

"Sou being aloof"
Art Model Sou de Sade

"Do I look disturbed ?"
Art Model Sou de Sade

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Mark Varley and Jan Murphy about Twisted Photography :

Twisted Photography was formed in 2006 and brings together the photography of Mark Varley and Jan Murphy.

Mark Varley has been an active photographer since 1992 and his images have been published in many books, magazines, websites and art galleries throughout Britain, Europe and America. Best known for Fine-art photography but with extensive experience of landscapes, cityscapes and wildlife.

Art Model Sam

Jan Murphy has been taking photographs since she could hold a camera, extensively known for fine art, travel, reportage and portrait photography with an artistic flair.

Photographic credits include art galleries, websites, magazines and books in Britain, Europe and USA.

Twisted Photography are available to photograph events, locations, people and places to your specification, bespoke images with a difference.

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