October 1, 2007

Daria Malysheva

"Alice in Wonderland"

Daria Malysheva is a portrait photographer of 20 years old (yes...) from Russia, this incredible country full of wonderful photographers (those who are as passionate about Fine Nude Art than me know what I'm talking about).

In fact, I can't tell you many things about her, except she was surprised by my interest for her work, because "as far as I understood, you write about art nudes"... Maybe, dear Diara, but all my readers know that I'm first writing about Art and Passion.

As for Lara Jade (check this article), Daria Malysheva has everything to make a talented photographer. She makes part of this young inspired artist promised to a beautiful future. Don't ask me why, just look and you'll understand what I mean...


"Forest's Spirit"

Some comments :

"Awesome, amazing, fantastic gallery..."

" Excellent Fe.
I love the way you capture emotion in every image you make.
I love it."

" I find your gallery so gorgeous.
Your lights are always beautiful and you have a lot of ideas."

" Very beautiful pictures !!! I like your style ! The colours are amazing !"



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