November 20, 2014

Welcome Michael Siu

Michael Siu at his official site, SmugMug, deviantART, his blog "Definitions of Women", NolaPhotoStudio, Model Mayhem.

"The Road less Traveled..."

From Pinup and vintage work to "risky" outdoors pictures, from creative BW to very colorful shots and documentary movies, the range of styles and experiences of Michael Siu is very wide. And the results are majestic.

What I like : his deep respect for the models, his commitment during the Katrina devastation, his inexhaustible curiosity, his consuming passion... And his kindness. All these qualities which makes a normal human being a true artist.

As usual, an image worths thousands words. So, let's talk him and enjoy !

"Black Queen Takes White Pawn"
Art Models Carly and Sarah Liz

"I had this concept on my list and Carly suggested she should have a chess set. I felt Carly was the dominant piece(Queen) and I matched the hair(Black) with the piece. I felt SarahLiz was at her mercy so the white pawn was her personified."

Michael Siu is an accomplished photographer and documentary filmmaker from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, that has been shooting Black and White since 1994 and digital since 2000.

He graduated from UNO in 1993 with a degree in business finance and because of an art photography class took up a serious fascination with Photography and Video.

"A Day at the Museum"
Art Model Liz Ashley

"Anyone who has modeled with me, knows that I have a passion for location work. Shooting nudes in the studio is good work but location nudes always trumps studio anytime. The extra element of location adds multiple layers of interaction, risk, architecture, and environment."

He has been featured in New Orleans Citibusiness, Times Picayune, Biz Magazine, Kingfish Magazine, CNN, Delta Sky Magazine, and he's currently working on two Fine Art books and exhibitions (this week-end) : Definitions of Women (a nude figure study) and New Orleans Pinups. He also shoots, edits and produces corporate DVD/Multimedia (Center for longevity and Wellness, Huber Inc., 2006 Ozone Film Festival, Katrina Video : Our City under Siege).

"Incoming Tide"

" As a resident of New Orleans and a leader in business in New Orleans I found myself caught in the middle of the Katrina devastation.

I watched the storm from the center of the city, immediately after watched the looting and lawlessness that occurred uptown.

I photographed homes uptown in the few days after the storm and emailed hundreds of photos to people who desperately wanted accurate information on the status of their home.

"The Last line of defense"
Art Model Sabrina Fox


I launched a website to directly help the victims and people who I saw were left out of the help from FEMA and the Red Cross, those that were caught in the middle of this devastation. We have received numerous donations and helped many families."

Michael Siu and his models :

" Once in a while, the model and the photographer touch each others soul. This is a brief encounter and not a romantic one. The model with her beauty and grace. The photographer with his creativity and vision. Add in serendipity, fate and a cat named Jim for something that is way beyond the sum of it's parts.

Art Model Sabrina Fox

"The inner beauty of the model and her personality shine through, transcending the medium.
The model entrusts the photographer with her sensuality, beauty, and for their brief time together the photographer holds that close and protects it."

"Through the Cracks"
Art Model Sabrina Fox

A model asked me : " What do you like to do other than photography?"

I was initially dumbfounded. I like to take pictures.

Where ever I go, whatever I do, I like to capture images. At the time I couldn't give her a good answer other than photography.

I thought about it recently hoping my life isn't relegated to just taking pictures and working.

"Ayaka Bon Temps"Model Ayaka Lynn

Movies ! I really like to watch movies. Every Tuesday, I buy the latest Blu-ray movies and I watch them at home. Yes I have amassed quite a collection of movies. I am completely caught up in them and my focus is absolute. Don't bother having a conversation with me during a movie. I like characters, cinematography, a great story, and great acting performances. That's what I really like to do other than photography."

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