November 16, 2014

Welcome J. Borodina

J. Borodina at her live-journal, her gallery at photosight, deviantART.


"Konchilis' sni"


J. Borodina is just 18 years old, from Moscow, Russia. Yep. And she'sincredibly gifted. She's one of these young artists who have already their place in the photography world (a small world in fact).

Portrait photographer, J. Borodina is really discreet about herself, so, before her interview, here are some comments that perfectly describe her genius.

"Hands on a miracle"

" Your gallery is amazing. There are so many emotions in your photos !"

" Could you make any wrong photos ? So I can think that you are human ! Wonderful portrait with excellent b/w ! Congratulations !"

" I still can't get over how good you are... and you are only 18. I believe you have one of the best galleries on DA."

" I love your gallery over than my words could describe. I will follow you closely. Thank you."

" This is truly a gallery to admire ! So strong with the lights and b/w. Now I'm no longer in need of inspiration ! Thank you !"

" I'm impressed... Your gallery shows exactly what I would like to become : expressive potraits from a poetic photographer. My best compliments !"

"Ava adore"

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Jiri Ruzek said...

Love it... and "Konchilis' sni" is my favorite one :)