November 22, 2014

Welcome Johannes Schwab

Johannes Schwab at deviantART.


Johannes Schwab, like Andrew Kaiser, Peter Checksfield and Woodeye or Brian Mackey, is one of these photographers who loves to capture the essence of "natural" woman.

Simply, truly, softly, far from the sophisticated ladies of our glossy magazines, he shots with passion these women that some people wrongly call "the girl next door", because there are no "girls next door", each human being is unique in the all known and unknown universe :

" As a photographer in the areas of people, portrait and nude for german and international magazines, I'm in search of unusual faces."

Curiously, in view of his great talent and his so original style, I didn't find many informations about him, even on his official site, except is 38 years old and lives in Berlin. That's a little short, for sure, but we'll discover him as soon as he'll reply to my questions.

Two comments of admirers that perfectly describe his so unusual work :

" I would like to congratulate you on your "HABITUAL GRACE" pictures. They are a great collection of female shapes, in their immense diversity ! I was truly impressed going through them !"

" Your photography is so inspirational ; the way you’ve managed to create intense emotion with soft and stark lighting. The simplicity within your portraits leaves one to visually devour every detail of the models face and body. I will look to your photography for guidance on how to create flawless images."

Parts of the sequence "HABITUAL GRACE"





Johannes Schwab ©

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