November 30, 2014

Welcome Yuri Bonder, in loving memory

In loving memory.

" The main thing is the desire to photograph, this feeling which eats you, like a disease. If I don't photograph, I feel myself ill." Yuri Bonder




All fine nude art lovers know Yuri Bonder, the contrary being quite impossible, with regard to his acclaimed talent, his powerful creativity and his huge production.

His work is often poetic, always delicate, full of emotions, original and also amazing. It seems he can always be at the right time and the right place for the best shot.

You'll find in his portfolios many wonderful images prooving his perfect master of light, exposure, composition, framing.

It took a long time and many mails to obtain his "OK" for this first feature, the only word he wrote me. So you can imagine how much I'm happy to welcome him in this site as a new great Contributing Artist.

"Models and cat"

Before his departure to Israel, the childhood of Yuri was occupied by learning business and sport, from Chelyabinsk to Moscow and back. At this period, he didn't think at all about photography.

Arrived in Israel in 1995, walking in the street, he saw a photographer, approached him and asked to look at his camera. The next day he purchased the same.

Self called "professional-amateur", today photography is his basic occupation, his passion, shooting for the pleasure, and everything, from birds to nudes.

Yuri Bonder has been exhibited at more than 50 international photo exhibitions, often awarded with gold medals, in Japan, America, Yugoslavia, Israel, etc...





By Tony Dummett, photographer :
" To me the strength of Yuri's main body of work lies in his use of saturated colors as integral elements of his composition and the unusual perspectives he has taken on his varied subjects. A refreshing change indeed.

He demonstrates a confidence with his medium and a quirkiness of visualization that is both motivating to his fellow photographers (to get out and take some more pictures), and interesting to look at in itself.

Look closely at Yuri's images. They are what photography is (or should be) all about : use of your eyes, reflexes and your mind, all combined in one instant of capture to communicate a worthwhile idea."

"Sad Clown"

" The Art City Publishing House presents "Nude. New Russian Photography", a contemporary nude photography album, 345 pages, English version. It includes the best artwork of well-known Russian photographers revealing in their art the aesthetics of a nude body."

In his foreword, Valery Savchuk (professor of philosophical faculty of St.Petersburg State University), a theorist of photography from St. Petersburg, notes : "This nude photography album that presents so many various authors is the first in the photographic history of new Russia. This is, probably, why the editors have tried to make it a true encyclopaedia of the genre."


In the book-album you'll find the works of the most famous Russian photographers :

Yury Bonder, Vladimir Arhipov, Serzh Golovach, Dmitry Donskoj, Alexander Kitaev, Evgenie Mohorev, Alexander Shahabalov, Igor Amelkovich, Pyotr Anikin, Vlad Gansovsky, Victor Ivanovsky, Pavel Kisselyov, Evgeny Kozhevnikov, Aleksey Kozlov and Marina Khlebnikova, Dmitry Konstantinov, Konstantin Korneshov, Oleg Kosyrev, Alexei Krivtsov, Mikhail Panin, Dmitry Polyakov, Dmitry Puzyryov, Tatyana Rudenko, Vyacheslav Filippov and Dmitry Filippov.


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Yuri has died today, in his birthday. I have no more words....