November 9, 2014

David LeBeck and Stefano Picco, a photo and its digital work


The original picture by David LeBeck

Art Model Betcee May

" We went back to the backbone trail to catch the sunset but a ridge to the west proved to be higher than i remembered Damn! Still, we did some very different work from the last session. Betcee said she now knew how I photograph outdoors so her poses were less conventional. Then, as we lost the light I did some lovely portraits of a Very beautiful woman ! My inspiration, My Muse : The Glorious Betcee May"


The digital work of Stefano Picco
with the agreement of David

Stefano Picco
Art Model Betcee May

" I was inspired by David LeBeck photography "Goddess" of Betcee May. I made some prints of goddess, letters and words. Cut them an collage it on a din a3 paper. With different layers of paper I fix it. Later i made some photos with my reproduction table. Finally I put it into photoshop, to sharpen and colorize it."

The kind feedback of David

"I'm always flattered when someone wishes to use any of my art for a project of theirs. It's exciting and humbling. I want to encourage it. If I can inspire as I've been inspired, that's wonderful. Thank you !"

His Muse

1 comment:

stefano picco said...

it was a great pleasure to work with an artwork of david with the beautiful betcee may :)