November 9, 2014

Welcome Mike Slygh

Mike Slygh at deviantART, Model Mayhem

"A siren's Song"
Art Model Zinn

"bw-Zinn - 5"
Art Model Zinn

Artistic Nudes, Casual, Children and juniors, Fashion, Fine Art, Glamour, Lingerie, classic and emotive Portraits, Flowers, Wild animals, Country Life and Lanscapes, indoors or outdoors, nothing is too much for Mike Slygh !

Working from Mission Viejo, California, USA, Mike Slygh makes a perfect use of the lights and shadows. His pictures are beautifully toned with great contrasts. His poses are so creative that he gives grace and emotion to all his gorgeous models, into splendid compositions that turn me upside down (which is not the best pose to write this article !).

Anyway, and of course, here is a great ant talented artist who deserves your visit right now !

Art Model Zinn

As an artist, I have chosen to express myself and my vision through the photographic medium.

I believe images are a reflection of light, lines, feelings and personalities. Some images are a collaboration between myself and my camera, while others involve make-up artists, stylists and models, along with the occasional on-looker. I enjoy collaborating with others in the creation of unique and creative images.

I use both film and digital cameras for my work and sometimes digitally manipulate the images to better convey the vision I wish to share. My breadth of interest is very broad, including portraits, nature, animals, still lifes, fine art and fine art nudes.

I believe that one should enjoy their work and that the enjoyment show's in the finished product. I hope you find the joy in my images.

" Two Halves are better then One"
Art Models Claire E. and Zinn

"My Friend and I"
Art Model Nyssa Nevers

Art Models, it's for you :

The relationship between a model and an artist is a unique one.

Any work of art created is the combination of the two personalities and the synergy between them. It has been my experience that the best work is usually created after working together at least three times.
I look for people to work with over the longer term, rather then the next pretty face.

I look for people who are interested in the artwork being created and take pride in the joint accomplishment. If you are this type of person and are interested in exploring the possibility of working together, please use the link below to send me an e-mail.

"Claire dancing 2"
Art Model Claire E.

"Her Blue Period"
Art Model Zinn


Iris Dassault said...

I love Mike's perspective on the model-photographer relationship. I feel the same way about it. When there is that connection, that level of trust, it will translate into the images, and the end result will be better.

Peter J. Crowley said...

Nice work Mike, love the use of strong shadows, and the balance of the subjects. enjoy the sun it's dark and cold in Ct. No sitting outside eating sushi. enjoy pjc