November 15, 2014

David LeBeck joins us, in loving memory

Done in 2007

"What I try to evoke is the incredible power of sensuality, sexuality, and beauty in the female form and countenance." David LeBeck.

"May 6, Keyhole Rock"
Art Model and Muse Betcee May

"May 5, Pinnacle"
Art Model Betcee May

David LeBeck is a photographer from Los Angeles, United States, "old enough to know better, and too old to care" as he defines himself.

Prolific artist, David has a great predilection for soft tones B&W pictures. His galleries show his mastery of composition, poses, light and shadows, remembering me the art of italian renaissance painters. After such a comparaison, it's difficult to find other words to describe the high quality of his fantastic work.

" I am a Fine Art Nude Photographer. My goal is to create Fine Art and Erotic nudes that are beautiful and powerful statements about light, and form, the beauty of Nature, and the power of Women.

I don't photograph models with artificial enhancements. I'm only interested in natural beauty.

I prefer a collaboration between creative artists to an artist and subject situation. I firmly believe that collaboration produces the best and most powerful images. When two creative people are working in tandem to achieve Synergy, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts !"

"Betcee May 5"
Art Model Betcee May

David LeBeck by his muse Betcee May :

"I think one of the wonderful things about David's work is that he truly appreciates the honest beauty of a woman, without the gloss and pretense that so many photographers hide their subjects in.

By letting me shine through and not a photoshop filter, he is demonstrating his trust in something that goes beyond glam. He is showing Life.

These are images that make you want to crawl into them, reach out and touch, caress, smile and love with. "

"Keyhole Rock"
Art Model Betcee May

by Michelle 7 :

" David LeBeck is an American art and science/medical photographer. Artistically, his main focus has been on both the beauty of nature and the drama, grit, and beauty of modern urban life.

David says his primary inspiration is the beauty found in nature and man. He's been shooting nudes for the past few years too, and has long admired artists working in the genre. The female form possesses an innate sensuality, he says, and feels it's the of the highest expressions of beauty.

"What I try to evoke is the incredible power of sensuality, sexuality, and beauty in the female form and countenance."

"Shower Nudes"
Art Model Kym

Art Model Natalia

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