November 24, 2014

Welcome Scott Nichol

" My work is highly personal and somewhat intimate." Scott Nichol

"Under Bending Tree"
Art Model Sarah

" Sarah. Wow ! I've wanted to work with her for so long now. And my longing has been for exactly this kind of photograph. It's what she brings to a photo, the distance of her far off gaze and yet the immediacy of her presence."

"And Three Stones"
Art Model Sarah

" Sarah again in a backwater bog. I loved the texture of the reeds in the background here and the tranquility of the still water."

"Spur Falls"
Art Model Zinn

" Another from the summer series of Landscape Figure studies. This was a small spur fall that fed in to the main river stream at Rickett's Glen State Park in Eastern PA. I love the way the ferns are all just bending, stretching to be near her."

Portrait and fine art photographer, Scott Nichol is 40 years old, from Lehigh Valley, PA, USA.

With a clear preference for B&W and outdoor shots, that I share, I find his work, in his studio as outside, in grey tones as coloured ones, absolutely wonderful. You'll feel in all his art pictures the emotion, the beauty and the strength of a true lover of the female human form. His gallery is full of inspired shots, where his always splendid models take elegant poses in exquisite natural landscapes.

To make short, before his interview, I'll just finish by telling you how much I'm impressed by the amazing artistic quality of his work.

"Upper Ganoga Falls"
Art Model Zinn

"Stirred by Voices"
Art Model Carly Erin

" One more with Carly. I particularly like the position of her hands and the expression on her face. It really moves me."

" Photography has been a life-long passion of mine. I started out by building a darkroom, and learned how to make a fine print by reading Ansel Adams' outstanding technical books and using lots of nasty smelling chemicals ! Now the whole process is much more refined, completely digital and the results are often much better than I could have ever produced in the darkroom.

"Sort of Falling"
Art Model Leah

" A break from the outdoor shots for a little studio work. This time with Leah in a sort of falling backwards and twist towards me kinda pose I asked her to do."

My work is highly personal and somewhat intimate. My portrait work is a humble attempt to capture the beautiful nature of the human form on a very personal level.
I have a studio based out of my home and specialize in a fine art style of portrait and figure photography.
I usually work in black and white, it is my specialty.

His "Tattoo Fine Art Project" :

Currently, I'm going to be collaborating on a project with a local tattoo artist on a project that will attempt to capture the intimate personalities of people with tattoos who love them, hate them, want to get rid of one, need to fix one.

My role will be to photograph the people who will ultimately make up the meat of this project. Some of the photos will be highly personal portraits, others might be candid shots at a local parlor. There are a lot of possibilities between there and that lay out around the fringes.

Art Model Trinette

Scott Nichol ©


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