October 31, 2007

Gamini Kumara

A new inspired shot by Gamini Kumara. Look at the shadows and you'll guess the symbolic meaning of the title...


October 30, 2007

Elena Moncrieff

"Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk"
Model Tonya

Elena Moncrieff loves art, all form of art, and Katerina Belkina (of course).

She's a theatre addict who enjoys acting on stage and watching as many performances than she can.

She also loves writing, even if she thinks, like me and many writers, "just the whole process of it is quite curious".

Besides all these deep passions, Elena Moncrieff is a true gifted artist full of creative emotions.

I'll never tell enough how much I love the feminine way to shoot. Her portfolio is a fantastic journey into her inspired soul. There is nothing shooted for nothing, each pictures has its own sense. And last, but not the least, I love her titles... Of course... She loves writing.


“Worry gives a small thing a big shadow.”

"Beyond The Invisible"
Art Model Lucy

"I look into the mirror,
See myself, I'm all over me... I need space for my desires, Have to dive into my fantasies... I know as soon as I'll arrive, Everything is possible... 'Cause no one has to hide, Beyond the invisible..."
(Enigma - "Beyond The Invisible")

Revolutionary Senses
, written by Elena Moncrieff :

" What I hear…

The uncontrollable fantasies weep on the icy surface of my soul,
And the deafening sound of tales of love and adoration echoes with their fall.

" What I see…
The grieving sepulchre of my frozen emotion trembles at the touch of butterflies,
And the murky land cracks with the fall of a wicked god-send rolling dice.

" What I smell…
The acerbic scent of my phantom’s burning essence floods the frosty air,
And the aromatic nightfall slowly drifts with treacly Machiavellian flair.

" What I taste…
The glacial ocean of one tear creates a perpetual sadness bitter in my mouth,
And the sweet blood of my forlorn broken heart steeply sings far out.

" What I feel…
The arctic darkness of this night covers my face and embraces my mind,
And sends her warmth through my temples, where a shelter She will find."

Show Me Forgiveness

"Show me forgiveness For having lost faith in myself, And let my own interior up To inferior forces. The shame is endless, But if soon stars show forgiveness The girl might live." (Björk - "Show Me Forgiveness")

"La Valse d'Amélie"

"Safe From Harm"
Art Model Diana

"Lucky dippers Crazy chancers Seems to be moving fast What happened to the nicities Of my childhood days Well I can't do nothing 'bout that, no But if you hurt what's mine I'll sure as hell retaliate... You can free the world, you can free my mind, Just as long as my baby's safe from harm tonight..." (Massive Attack - "Safe From Harm")

Elena Moncrieff ©


Mim (and here)

Alain Daussin

October 29, 2007

Nathan Strausse : Stop the war !

A new post on the Nathan Strausse's blog to read and read again... It's time to wake up !

Nathan Strausse
Anti War Rally in downtown Los Angeles

And I'll add :

Shooted by famous anonymous

Terrell Neasley

Terrell Neasley
(check his blog) is now exhibited at : BetterPhoto, PhotoClicksPro, Altphotos.

Ciprian Strugariu

Ciprian Strugariu

Evgeniy Shaman

You'll find Evgeniy Shaman at : photo.net, photosight.ru, Nonstop Photos.

"Broken world - more poetic"

Evgeniy Shaman is one of these inspired and so gifted artists I belove.

Imaginative, prolific, poetic, creative, always authentic, will I find enough words to describe all the emotions I feel contemplating his fantastic work ?

There are no "free" pictures in his portfolios. Each shot is a story he tells us, which touches our heart, full of this melancholic russian "touch" I appreciate so much, as you know it.

So, to make short, I'm sure you can imagine the pleasure I feel to welcome him here inside.

"Puzzle cube"

Born in 1982 in Moscow, Evgeniy Shaman is the winner of several photography competitions. Many of his works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

" My style is Dark Art (a rift towards darkness). I think, it’s much harder to create an impression of coldness, sadness, human pain than of joy and laughter. That’s why I chose this path !"

"Elle - Second dream of dollsmaker"

Extract from an interview by Juliana Voloz :

" In the process of doing the shoots I have defined two requirements that help to convey feelings and emotions more fully.

First, I need a precise, competent actor, who can generate lively emotions (even though they are invented for each scenario).

Second, it’s being able to recall previously experienced emotions and to re-enact them. Satisfying the second condition can be harder for me, but the result is, as a rule, much more powerful.

These two conditions, of course, can be intertwined. Wonderful, deep, and truly unique works are born out of such photographic experiments.

Album of Lily series

" The artistry itself is an inseparable part of the scenario, of the creation of the images during the shoot. I mean the clothes, the decorations, the make-up, etc. It doesn’t matter whether the picture is manipulated on a computer or manually, whether it’s a film or a digital file. The important thing is that the artist has put his soul into his work, his emotions, and that they are seen and valued."

Album of Lily series

"Axis flip"

The difference between honest and simulated emotions can be seen in two examples of Nude shooting, where it was necessary to convey the mutual feelings and emotions of two partners : one couple (a man and a woman) were just good friends, they were partners on the set. The other couple were close ; they were in love with each other. In this example, where we were trying to convey the closeness between two people, their emotions and feelings, pictures of the second couple certainly outdid the first by 101%.

At one shoot I was able to experience myself what it means to pose with a good model (a good actor) or with a person who is close to me (the woman I love). The result is certainly better when the emotions are not simulated. You can sense these emotions immediately – they just sweep over you out of the tender (or rough) touches, the confluence of the gazes, the mutual aura of these two people.

"Twilight Café"

But, closeness and tenderness are not always the topic that the photographer wants to explore. Sometimes he wants the opposite, to convey a feeling of distance and coldness between people. Then I invite people whom I know to be completely different from one another, in character and in behaviour. BUT, if they are able and talented actors, even people who are deeply in love with each other can be good at conveying estrangement and coldness. Then the success of the project depends on the abilities of the art photographer, and, of course, of the actors.

"My classics"


Evgeniy Shaman ©

Tiki Llanes Lopez

Tiki Llanes

"Red Space"
Art Model Yara

October 28, 2007

Robert Lubanski's Interview

" I like the mystery of taking photos using the analogue, this uncertainty of results and especially the quality of the medium format, the big size of files and the possibilities that it gives : the wonderful scale of tones, superb DOF with low light lenses. Taking photos with medium format is not too easy for me and it gives me some eerie feeling of staling some part of the moment and sometimes part of model." Robert Lubanski

Model Kasia Dowbor

Robert Lubanski, how did you get into photography ?

My first steps in photography were when I was 14 years old. But during these 20 years it was rather an unconscious photography, without thinking about it. Just simply pressing the shutter.

Did you learn photography in a special school ?

No, never. My school was studying the fashion, photomagazines (especially italian Vogue, french Photo and sometimes German Playboy and Max), and nature of course.

"Forest pilgrim"
versione duo
Art Model Claudia

Art Model Claudia

This series is wonderful ! Who are your greatest inspirators ?

The biggest is mother Nature.

Art Model Claudia

I see it !... And your favorite photographers ?

I love photos of Helmut Newton, Patrick Demarchelier, Andreas H. Bitesnich, lately Sascha Huttenhain, and, maybe it's weird, Dahmane too.

Not so weird, he has a great talent. How long could you be far from your camera ?

Sometimes for a month, but mostly one week or a couple of days.

So you feel particularly inspired by a type of location...

Yes : forest, meadow, rocks, mountains, desert, the sea sometimes. I spent my childhood surrounded by nature. I was riding a motorbike with my uncle who was a beekepper, and now I'm in love with nature and our brothers - animals. (I believe that I’m an animal too !). Lately, I've been feeling better in old indoor locations without human beings.

"Sole due"
Art Model Inga

What are your preferences about lights ?

Outdoor with natural light is the best one for me. Sometimes when I shoot outdoor, I use reflectors to modify the natural light. Next year I’ll be using studiolight outdoor powered by a generator.

Art Model Wrobelek

How long did it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

My style is still indeterminate. I must have 1-2 years more and in this time I will get more defined, I think.

Is your photography mostly nudes ?

I prefer nudes. Naked body is like the form in nature (generally I suggest my models cover the face).

What is your process of creation ?

At the beginning of the session, I try to prepare the location and the gear but when I shoot it's a really emotional job.

And sometimes (not often) it may be chaos.

Could you tell us some words about your return to analogue and medium cameras ?

I like the mystery of taking photos using the analogue, this uncertainty of results and especially the quality of the medium format, the big size of files and the possibilities that it gives : the wonderful scale of tones, superb DOF with low light lenses. Taking photos with medium format is not too easy for me and it gives me some eerie feeling of staling some part of the moment and sometimes part of model.

"Look me in the eye"
Model Basia

What are your favorite themes ?

Composition of the beauty of a human body with nature.

The best is where the nature hasn’t too many elements. And second is a portrait, something transient in the eye or gesture of the model.

Some words about your models ?

They're mostly girls who want to have some photos like mine in their portfolio, but recently I have often made photos for money but then they are only for my eyes and the model.

Art Model Claudia

Model Patrycja

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

I always feel like I could've done it better. I'm never pleased, my head is full of “better” ideas.

Same for me... Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ?

Yes. Next year I’ll be shooting in Croatia, searocks and forest especially. And I’m looking for a model who is not scared of riding a motorbike.

Yes ! Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

No. In our Polish reality, exhibitions aren’t a good idea, I think, too many troubles and the final effect is not good enough. I have had some experiences with the exhibitions of my friends.

Is there a book to come ?

Yes I’m thinking about an album of nature nudes. Now I’m talking with two big sponsors, but I’m too young in it. The album will have a clean form with good, classical type, like Times, Swiss or something like this.

"In the darkness"
Art Model Inga

Keep us informed !... And besides shooting, have you another passion ?

Motorbikes of course. It really gives me the feeling of adrenaline, hard life and the smell of nature in the wind.

A message to send ?

I’d like to say that many people have good ideas for their lives but they are too scared. It’s very important to be in harmony with yourself, living without big money (it’s really possible that the money will come without struggling for it) and be happy. My moto is called DYFF, it means "do you feel free" ?

Thanks a lot Robert ! And see you soon...

Model Anna

Robert Lubanski ©

Oleg Tityaev

Oleg Tityaev