October 22, 2007

Elipa Killovna

"The fall of the Queen"
Self Portrait

Elipa (Elipa Killovna) is a young and creative artist living in Moscow.

Autodidact photographer, playing with colors as BW and never in lack of inspiration, it's only in summer 2005 that she suddenly found her vocation, "her all-life dream" : be an artist. Who could believe it, viewing her work, already so personal...

It's the picture above who attracted me. Beyond the elegance of the pose, the wonderful tones and the great composition, I found this melancholic (maybe vintage) touch I like so much in the russian artists' works.


"Only ashes"

"Sorrow's bride"

"Obscurity of time"
Self Portrait

You'll find Elipa at : her live-journal, her space at deviantART, her space at Flickr, photodom, Art Limited,photosight.ru.

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