October 22, 2007

Elipa Killovna

"The fall of the Queen"
Self Portrait

Elipa (Elipa Killovna) is a young and creative artist living in Moscow.

Autodidact photographer, playing with colors as B&W and never in lack of inspiration, it's only in summer 2005 that she suddenly found her vocation, "her all-life dream" : be an artist. Who could believe it, viewing her work, already so personal...

It's the picture above who attracted me. Beyond the elegance of the pose, the wonderful tones and the great composition, I found this melancholic (maybe vintage) touch I like so much in the russian artists' works.


"Only ashes"

"Sorrow's bride"

"Obscurity of time"
Self Portrait

You'll find Elipa at : her live-journal, her space at deviantART, her space at Flickr, photodom, Art Limited,photosight.ru.

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