October 10, 2007

Brian A Woodwick joins us

WoodEye at deviantART.

"Mercury stalking"

WoodEye is one of the favorite photographers of Mic Ardant :

" I am dazzled completely ! I find your gallery absolutely fabulous, moreover it is authentic for me, I have the impression that it is your life I travel throughout your splendid photographs. All my most sincere admiration." Mic Ardant.

Of course, Mic told me to interviewe Brian, quickly, for the truth of his pictures, this reality he doesn't hide. And he was right.

Brian A Woodwick is one of this realist photographer I deeply like. Never in lack of inspiration, sometimes talking with the angels, black and white, his models are always natural and you won't find in his portfolio anything else than the simplicity of spontaneous pictures.

"Aviva dance with Spidey"

" WoodEye has shot for small weekly newspapers, bands, model portfolios and some commercial work.

Bands don't pay worth a dang and commercial work is not personally satisfying, which leaves shooting models. Models don't pay worth a dang either but they are more fun to look at.

Since 1992 he has participated in the Iguana Photo workshop in Santa Fe NM. This workshop was created by WoodEye and Santa Fe photographer, Chris Corrie, for the sole purpose of shooting for the wall. In other words, to define and refine our vision into a finished presentation. In spite of ten years of these workshops WoodEye is really at the beginning of the presentation portion of this life long project. While this may be due to a talent/intelligence challenged brain, you are free to your opinion. WoodEye's vision goal is to present an interesting stimuli that sticks to your brain.

"Crystal tree gazer"

"Joy wood nymph"

"Claudia 5-15"

" WoodEye is a native of the Pacific Northwest where he graduated from Mt Si High school right after dirt was invented.

It was during his time in that school, as the school newspaper photographer, yearbook photographer and the local weekly paper that he started shooting bands. This was due to an overwhelming interest in the subject and a way to get into the shows for free.

This philosophy was continued into the 80's at the Evergreen State College for their newspaper and then for several small newspapers around the greater Seattle area. While money was not made, great images and memories were.

"Eliza hands an hat"

" When plans were announced for the Experience Music Project museum, WoodEye contacted the staff and submitted photos. Some of those images are now on display including the very large print of Rail in the NW passage.

While WoodEye is now concentrating on his fine art images, he is still excited to shoot the occasional rock show. 

WoodEye photo's can be seen on various band websites and soon to be in the finer galleries near you."

"Jennifer corner portrait"

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