October 18, 2007

Arwendur for the 1st time

Born in the 60', living in UK, Arwendur works on a wide range of styles, from fetish (his preferred) and glamour shots to emotive portraits, pin-up art, fashion, landscapes.

Self called "wildlife" photographer, and he's right, I was immediatly attracted by his creativity. Beyond leather, rubber or rope which have no secret for him, you'll discover in his portfolios an amazing artist who knows how to capture the best of his fantastic models.

"Sasha IX"
Model Sasha Mia

You'll find him at : his official site, deviantART, Saatchi Gallery.

" I've had an interest in photography since I was around 11 years old. My Grandfather used to shoot, and develop and print stills and cine film, mainly of family and friends. He had a small darkroom for his work which was quite fascinating to watch and assist with.

" I learned the basics of photography from my Grandfather at a young age but from then on I've been self taught photographer.

"Dexy, Clown II"

"Red October I"
Art Model October

" Having spent a long time in technical roles in science and engineering I've closely followed the incredible growth and improvement in quality of digital imagery and photography and its this improvement that has recently inspired me to pick up a camera again and become more seriously involved in photography.

" I mainly use digital technology though I appreciate and ocassionaly use film. Film has a beauty of its own and my approach to digital photography is fairly purist in a sense as I do very little digital manipulation, if any. I try only to digitally mimmick the techniques one can use in a traditional dark room, techniques such as conversions to black and white and sepia or duotoning."

"Sasha XI"
Art Model Sasha Mia

Arwendur is featured in the new book Fetish Photo Anthology, about 450 pictures from the most famous photographers around the world including some of my favorites such as Perry Gallagher, Michael Helms, Brad Miller, Craig Morey, David Perry, Thomas van de Scheck...

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