October 8, 2007

Iris Dassault

Iris Dassault
By Vankou

Did I tell you how much I love Iris Dassault ?... Since I opened this site, I feel her at my side, reading me as I read her daily, like a close friend, as closer than a Muse can be... Strange, isn'it ?

I never interviewed her because I'm still thinking about the good (perfect ?) questions to ask. But I'm feeling they are coming.

Iris Dassault is a fantastic and so creative model who loves her "job". She's working all year long with the greatest artists such as K. Leo, Jim Young, Gary Mitchell, BT Charles, Vankou, Philip Hollinsworth...

" I'm very pleased I chose this route. I have met some really great photographers through this venue - many of which I've collaborated with multiple times (and planning on more), and we've been able to create lots of images that I'm very proud of. It started my exploration into different styles of photography, and I'm not yet done with my journey.

I think that "Iris Dassault", the model, has been able to establish solid credence as an artistic nude model. I frequently get compliments on the wide range of images and variety of styles, and the emotion I put in my images, and it's always nice to get that sort of feedback."

By Jim Young

Furthermore Iris Dassault writes every day in her blog about her experiencies and her photographers friends, as a true writer, with passion and style. Her articles are always easy and pleasing to read, giving us an original point of view about her artistic work.

Thanks Iris for all the nice (and long, I appreciate) comments you write here inside. Your passion enforces mine... Thanks !

By Philip Hollinsworth


Iris Dassault said...

Oh lord...
Somebody is actually reading my stuff :~)

Thank you so much, I'm going to get bashful now.

chris said...

Bahsful ?... Shy ?... And me, what could I say thinking about your eyes upon my words ?... thaks Iris ! You're a nice person.

TLNeasley said...

I must say I have to concur with you Chris, my friend. I already refer all my amateur potentials who wish to consider modeling for me to check out her site and blog. Its actually part of the verbage in the documentation I hand out. Do you think Iris is still blushing?