October 19, 2007

Ernesto Timor joins us

Ernesto Timor is a french "photo-writer" living in Paris, idest an incredibly inspired artist mixing with success words and pictures to create his own particular universe.
Photography + writing = you can understand why I'm so happy to welcome here inside.

His fertile imagination combined with a tremendous prolixity make his work a must to see (as soon as possible) :
" Whereas minded erotic fantasy could seem my speciality, I'm a non-specialised "photowriter" ! Shadow remains my favorite colour, freedom for bodies and minds my ultimate claim. That is the way I've plaied the dabbler, amassing poetic phantasmagorias, hand-made small books, pictures of genuine or second-hand lolitas and irregular wanderings !"

"Le lac des mortes"

"C'est l'écho"

"I am Ernesto Timor (my grandfather was Spanish, but never learned me castillano !).
I live near Paris, and work partly as an art director, partly as a photographer, but only on commissions far from business rules…
Whereas straight and melancholic erotic pictures could seem my speciality for some people (and no doubt that’s what brings most surfers to my site!), I’m definitely a non-specialised "photowriter"!
Whatever the mood or the subject, I seek the same kind of surreal and sensual experience. I like it uncorrect and unexpected, always at the edge. Nearly no studio, very few true "models", no digital manipulation : for me photography is here to deal with real life. Darkness remains my favorite colour, freedom for bodies and minds my ultimate claim.

Well, you better have a look at my site Trompe-la-mort, and loose yourself among my wanderings ! "

"L'arrivée des mouches"

"La main heureuse"

"La femme pendule"

"Eloge du portrait en pied(s)"


You'll find Ernesto Timor at :

His official site : Trompe-la-mort,

His open-minded photoblog : Irregular,

Some photos ar Erographic and OlaPhoto.

His professional site (graphism and webdesign) : Timor Rocks !

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