October 2, 2007

Welcome Erin

You'll find Erin (e-string) at : her E-String blog, Model Mayhem, Muse Cube, One Model Place, deviantART.

"Green green grass"
by Carlton McMillan

Erin is 26 years old from Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

" Art modeling is truly a passion for me. I love inspiring, creating art, making people think, and meeting wonderful new friends." Erin

After the article about models by Marcus J Ranum, I found very interesting to write some words about a renowned one. It's my way to see what is happening before the lens instead of behind, the other side of the photographer's "reality".

Reading everything I could about her, I was very surprized to discover a true musician, before the gorgeous and elegant model that loves so much David Swanson, for evident reasons you'll see by yourself.

So I'm pleased, and honoured, to introduce Erin :

by Dave Swanson

Before to be a model, Erin is an accomplished musician who have learned to play seventeen instruments : violin, banjo, mandolin, accordion, recorder, harmonica, string bass, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, tenor and alto saxophone...

She received her first violin lesson when she was three years old, and worked hard, playing constantly in lessons, group repertoire, orchestras, chamber music groups, summer camps...

Today : " I keep telling myself that once school is over, I'll do some chamber and orchestral playing."

"Light and curve"
by Stephen Melvin

" Hi, my name is Erin. Creating art with wonderful people is my passion. I love fashion as well but am always happy to be nude. I am a professional with credits and references, though I am also a paralegal student and professional violinist.

I show up on time, prepared, and wearing a great big genuine smile. If you have a concept that entails difficult conditions of any sort, I'm your girl. I love the challenge and will work hard to make sure you get what you envisioned... or better.

I'm earning my post-baccalaureate paralegal certificate at Hamline University. I have a music degree and a media studies concentration from St. Olaf College. I play violin (23 years experience) and a few other instruments, and I sing a little. More things I love - The Beatles, Tolkien, Kubrick, David Lynch, and Bill Hicks.. to name a mere few. Oh, and zombies."

"North Shore"
by Dave Swanson

" Erin is by far the best model I have worked with in the last fifteen years of photographing nudes. I would like to adopt her. If I won the lottery I would hire her full time and keep her for myself, not willing to share with anyone else. She is... that special."
Dave Swanson

by Dave Swanson

"New Chakra"
by Christopher Grey

" Early summer, 2002 (before my senior year). A former St. Olaf professor friend saw me in a dress and informed me that I should be a model. Not a big deal, pretty much blew it off. I had never considered myself to be on that level.

Later I got bored and started looking around online. I found OneModelPlace and set up three shoots. It's rather amusing looking back because at that point, I was afraid to do topless work or even wear a thong.

My first shoot as a nude model was in the spring of 2005 with Henry Czuprinski. It didn't take me long to feel comfortable with my body, and we got a little gem or two.

I began shooting often and with a wide variety of photographers - glamour, art, pros, newbies, GWC's. Abigail and I posed together frequently.

I loved being in front of the camera.

I modeled full-time for a while at one point. Through craigslist, I got started with a painter. We still work together a few times a year, and eventually he will have a show of about 30 pieces - these paintings tell a story, and I play the character.

by William Springfield

The life-changing shoot was with Dave Swanson. Abigail had already worked with him and told me about it. It sounded challenging, and I thought she was a better model than I. To my surprise, he contacted me one day (not even realizing that I was Abigail's friend) and said something to the effect of "I've been following your work, and I think you're ready."

by Dave Swanson

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