December 21, 2014

Welcome Michael Papendieck

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You're numerous to like the first features. And I know why : it's my most difficult exercise, hours and hours of research. Yes, it's always a tough job to find new words to describe all the talent I see.

And a great challenge to introduce such a confirmed artist than Michael Papendieck.

Honoured, multi-awarded, renowned, and so inspired, Michael Papendieck lives in Braunschweig, Germany, where live also Thorsten Jankowski and Marc Hoppe, three friends working on the form, carving with their cameras like Rodin with his chisels.

In his work, we feel that each detail has its importance and confers an overall elegance that will never fall out of fashion. Light, tones, compositions, poses, imagination... when talent meet beauty, the result is always sparkling.

Just watch and admire, you'll understand what I mean.

"Anna... again"

" Am I an erotic photographer ? Erotic is mainly a question of the point of view. But if I would have been asked... I think I am.

Just "invest" a little time to look at my portfolio and decide on your own.

"Lights off"

In my "former life" I finished my scientific carreer in Biology. Nature and wildlife photography led my to different places to all over the world.

Fine art nude photography is a result of 15 years of dancing and lots of sport where I always have been surrounded by good looking ladies which know how to act, to move, to play with an audience. This inspires my work until now.

To catch moments. Even if I build body sculptures.


From Michelle 7 :


" Michael Papendieck is a freelance photographer from Germany.

He's been shooting picture since he was eleven years old, largely inspired by his grandfather, whom Michael remembers always carrying a camera about.

Interestingly, Michael's other art form is dancing. It's something he's been doing for almost twenty years now.

It relates very well to photography, he says, in its use of multi-dimensionality and its interplay of light and shadow.

In addition to his grandfather, he says he's inspired by the photography of Peter Lindbergh, Igor Amelkovich and his good friend Thorsten Jankowski."


From Edaab :

"Black Spider"

" Michael Papendieck is a virtuoso in dealing with people and in conducting the human form.

His works have a visual force that get their energy from the physiques of the portrayed.

Guided by spatial implications and influenced by his own expierence as active dancer, the pictures are never ornaments, they convince by clean static, alternating with significant momentum.

The interplay of light and individual body is the largest source of inspiration. And despite all the abstraction he remains on the people themselves, what is always obvious by the proximity of the portraits."


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