December 15, 2014

Gabriel Saplontai's first feature

Look how much it's simple to contribute :

Gabriel : I would like to contribute to Univers d’Artistes.I’m a portrait and fine art nude photographer leaving in Belgium.
Me : Yes Gabriel ! I like your style !!! ;) OK. I need your bio and the photographs you would like to see published. Maybe a portrait of you ?

And that's it.

Yes, I was immediatly attracted by his photographs. And proud, happy, honored!, to welcome such an artist in our community.

There is something strong in his work, powerful, with this talent to capture the emotion of his art models. Gabriel is able to make us feel...

He began to shoot in 2003, only seven years, but he already belongs his own touch, what I call a style or a vision.

For all these reasons, his passion included, you know me, here he is, featured, linked, and definitive member of Univers d'Artistes.

Welcome on board Gabriel !
And a big thank for your kindness and trust ;)

"I was born in 1981, somewhere in the Romanian Carpathians, now living in Belgium.

I discovered photography in 2003 and since then some of the empty parts of my mind and soul, little by little, began to fill.

All this “playing with the light” started about 5 years ago when I bought a camera from my first salary. I began to love this game because it helped me to communicate in some way. Now, almost everything around me is related to photography.

I'm using a medium format camera, Hasselblad 500C with the Zeiss Planar 80mm CF lens and a Nikon F80 for street photos.
Some of the picture on my Blog are taken with my first Medium format camera, a Mamiya M645j. Most of the time I use B&W films at low speed developed in my bathroom :)

I like nude photography and even if I find it very difficult I’m trying to approach it.

Nothing compares with a nude female body and with a camera you can show that to the others.

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