December 18, 2014

Welcome Michal Tokarczuk

" We decide to take photos because we are feeling something, we look at photos because it makes us feel something." Michal Tokarczuk

Michal Tokarczuk at his journal, deviantART, photosight, Model Mayhem.

"Ho humm"


"Blues again..."

Michal Tokarczuk (aka Eelmika) is a freelance photographer living in Cracow, Poland, above all interested in capturing body form and human expressions.

Self called for the fun "extraordinary photographer for hire", Michal Tokarczuk is indeed a good one working on a wide range of themes.

Inside, outside, in black and white, sepia and color, from fine art nudes to landscapes pictures, nothing can stop his prolific inspiration.

"Manic Mechanic 149"
Art Model Kodoq

Michal Tokarczuk is specialized in fine art nudes and portraits, but he's doing almost any kind of pictures : fetish, erotica, conceptual, architecture, kids, sports, weddings, concerts, events, photosets for models, photosets for covers, band shooting and street photography.

" Strange Letter"

"Kar nude 008"
Art Model Karolina

Michal Tokarczuk ©

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