December 8, 2014

Guillaume Soriano joins us

" My goal is to create an emotion. None of my pictures is “technically” perfect, this is not what I’m looking for…" Guillaume Soriano


Guillaume Soriano is a french photographer (and musician !) from Toulouse, in the south of France.

His work is emotional, above all, and beyond all techniques he doesn't want to talk about (but that he knows perfectly !).


Inspired by Jean Loup Sieff, Helmut Newton and Jan Saudek, Guillaume Soriano is this kind of artist I'm always honoured to welcome. He's simple, full of passion, and makes beautiful pictures from still life to fine art that you can't miss !

A good introduction to his work from Incubus' Choice :

" A worked, weighed and refined light for models who coil up in the darkness and reveal themselves with a glare, a luminous incandescence that betray their loneliness and their isolation, photomontaged portraits adorned in veils and filigrees that texture and enrich of a soft warmth, others that reveal a detail, the emotion it inspires, the feeling it expresses."

"Outdoor 3"


Guillaume Soriano ©

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