December 11, 2014

Laetitia de Bruyne

" I got it all, my long-term job, my "vogue à l'âme" and my favourite autumn, the one who ears the chestnut only just falling to the ground, the one who has a taste of duck with fig and the one who floods my days with a warm comfort. There's still a lot of time to cover and three thousand projects pending, as so many pictures to clear, further to the summer harvest. So no I'm not really absent, and yes I am beaming." Laetitia de Bruyne

Self portrait

You'll find Laetitia de Bruyne at Vert-de-pluie, LacertilienneKinesphère (her visual and experimental diary), deviantART.

"Earth Nest"
Art Model Marine Di Lena

Creative and prolific French artist, inspiring art model working closely with Louis-Thomas Plamondon, and Eric Bernier, Ernesto Timor or Damien Cloteau, poetic conceptual photographer as so many european picture-makers, self portraitist, web designer, it's not quite easy to introduce Laetitia de Bruyne.

I've been amazed by the poetry of her pictures, of course. Her stunning gallery is full of images combinating the nude human body in the nature. And we share the same passion for many photographers, a lot of them contributing to this site.

So, I'm honoured to welcome her and I hope to read soon her interview.

"Autumn Splendor - Act 1 Scene 2"
Art Model Marine Di Lena

" Act I - Voice in the glade
Scene II Quietly,
The Divine pricked up her ears,
From the top of her moss pedestal."

"Autumn Splendor - Act 2 Scene 1"
Art Model Marine Di Lena

" Act II - Lyrical maiden throne
Scene I
In a cheerful trunk game and,
Acclaimed by the leaves her sisters,
She began her walk with a buoyant step."

Born in a hospital with cockroaches, Laetitia de Bruyne learned very early how to tame nature.

She lived a great part of her childhood and her adolescence in Vercors (France), her mountains. She developed to with it an undeniable taste for outdoor life, readings close to the chimney and huts in the trees.

She currently lives in Lyon (France) and spends her time between numerical creation, misplaced coding, photographic sessions and escapades in nature.

While waiting to conquer the ocean and to acquire a tiny house in the woods, Laetitia de Bruyne currently works within Alter Systems as Web projects manager. Nevertheless available for all photographic achievements, design and websites development.

"Marine no 161"
Art Model Marine Di Lena

"The Kiss"
Louis-Thomas Plamondon and Laetitia de Bruyne

Vert-de-pluie is a duo formed by Laetitia de Bruyne and Louis-Thomas Plamondon that works in the field of visual arts. These two artists are presenting a series of creations that suggest a contemporary view on human existence.

Their project is conceived as a succession of symbolic pictures that were all made with the same intention : to protest against human's overculturalisation.

In terms of form, those creations aim to integrate notions from the fields of contemporary arts, propaganda arts and fashion photography.

"Corps étranges"
Art Model Marine Di Lena

"Sylvaine III"
Art Model Marine Di Lena

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