December 18, 2014

Self-Portraitist Minon



Minon is an "experimental" photographer who lives in Berlin, Germany, and her main model.

Self-portraiture is not an easy exercise, Rachel Lovitt :
" For me, self-portrait photography is a journey of self-empowerment. On this journey, I am empowered to explore, examine, and reflect upon my own values and aesthetics, my own body, and sense of who I am.

In photographing myself, I am finding myself. Sometimes, the discovery and resulting image is beautiful and inspiring. Other times, it is sorrowful or even frightening.

Self-portraiture demands that I look at myself, perhaps more deeply than ever before. I have not always liked what I have seen and learned about myself, but I have never regretted taking a single photograph." Rachel Lovitt


Minon succeeds in this so much difficult style, with an endless creativity I would like to have in all my texts. As beautiful as an angel and divinely inspired, I watch her since a long time.

Working mostly in black & white and natural light, her gallery at deviantART is full of sensitive and very expressive pictures. Till now, her work is certainly one of the greatest assembly of self-portraits I've ever seen.

"All I need"

"Paris no III"

"Use your brain"

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