December 24, 2014

Ben Heys' first feature

"I’m a photographer because I simply love making images." Ben Heys.

"Ghostly Visage"
Art Model Kess

Ben Heys at his photoblog, deviantART, a gallery at, his prints for sale at Shutterstock and Dreamstime, all the articles about him here inside.

"From his trip in Pangkor"

Ben Heys is 30 years old from Brisbane in Australia.

Art nude, glamour and fashion photographer, he's also a passionate traveller who loves shooting street people and fabulous landscapes. In fact Ben Heys shoots "anything that he thinks will look beautiful"... So everything. With success, prolixity and an amazing creativity.

Is it necessary to tell you how much I love his work ? His precious lightning, his awesome compositions, his deep imaginary, his excellent tones, his stunning models ?... No, I'm sure.

Just read him (cause he's also a good writer !), watch his wonderful shots, and you'll understand why Ben Heys is one of my favorite artists since a long long long time.An d why I'm very proud to welcome here inside.

Art Model Hannah

"Gorgeous shape"
Art Model Kess

"Glamorous Hannah"

If you’re reading this page then you likely already know who I am, as why would you be here otherwise ? But for those of you who stumbled across this site by accident and for some reason have decided to stick around here is a little about myself.

"Gymnastic nude"
Art Model Dee

Art Model Kess

My name is Ben Heys and I am a 30 year old photographer from Australia.

I make most of my living nowadays from stock photography but also sell some work as fine art prints, shoot the occasional model portfolio and submit galleries to Bluenudes.

Up to this point I have concentrated mainly on fashion/fine art work but I am currently looking to push more into travel/landscape photography and perhaps even try my hand at some photo journalistic type of stuff.

My blog will therefore concentrate more on this sort of photography than my work with models, for more of my model photography please see the links provided in the nav bar. I’m setting this blog up mainly as a way to record and share my travel experiences in my upcoming trip to S.E. Asia and wherever I may venture beyond that. I’ll also include random other shoots and events. The idea is that it be a half personal, half professional view into my life in photography.

It’s the only way I can do it really, as I’m not a photographer because I earn a lot of money from it, or because it’s all I know how to do.

I’m a photographer because I simply love making images.

"Peek Wen"



" What is the difference between art and porn ?

My view is that there is no difference, may as well ask what the difference is between high and low - there's none there either.

Sure to most of us most of the time the top of a skyscraper is high, but what is it to a pilot ? a mountain climber ? an astronaut ? And most have to look down to view the face of a pebble washed up on a sandy shore, but how does an ant navigating the sand beside it view the same thing ?

The fact of the matter is that such things reside completely in the perspective of the observer, a perspective which even itself has no permanence, for once the pedestrian hops aboard the plane and it takes off he is able to look down at that same skyscraper far below.

"Iced Kessie"
Art Model Lutetium

"Beach recline"

If you believe that the photo's on this site, or indeed any or all nude photo(s) ever taken to be porn then you are completely right, you also couldn't be more wrong.

"Prince of the mountain"

It is around such views that I base my art. I seek to depict the interaction and interdependence of opposing forces.

For instance I try to make my photos both artistic and erotic at the same time. I want to show that sexy and provocative can be innocent and classically beautiful simultaneously.

"Solitude II"
Art Model Kess

That the same image can evoke a sense of peace AND excitement, that a model is both strong and independent while still being only a small part of a much greater whole.

I have long held that boundaries are never solid and permanent but merely figments of our imaginings. What 'category' a photograph or other piece of visual art resides in is dependent on the observer and the surrounding work. I am especially looking at the moment to highlight these "shades of gray". I am keen to produce work that is somewhere in between fashion and nude, photography and illustration, monochrome and colour - the list goes on.

"Midnight Sonata"
Art Model Belle

"When Belle told me she had a grand piano at her place I knew she was a model I had to work with."


But to say that I am looking to blur these boundaries is in itself a limiting utterance. When it comes down to it all I really want is to create beautiful photographs. Quality is the goal, that elusive quality that Phaedrus quested after so fiercely.

With further regards to my shooting I am on the whole haphazard and sloppy. When on location I try to make best use of whatever light I find there. I do not use fill flash, I do not use reflectors and I do not use a tripod. I do not do extensive scouting of the locations beforehand and sometimes don't decide on even the general location of a shoot before the day itself. In the studio I very rarely use flash meters and rely on instinct and trial and error rather than precise light ratios.

"Insurmountable odds"

Once again having said that I do not do any of the above it is not to say that I HAVE not, or WILL not. Rules are made to be broken, even when your rule is that you are going to break rules.

"Stairway to... nahhhh"
"Just after sunrise on a lookout overlooking the ocean"

TFP is available for models that particularly strike a chord with me. Generally if you are happy to model for a project of my own then I'll be happy to do some work for you - whether you have a theme of your own you'd like to achieve or just want some nice fashion/casual work for your book.

I often am entranced by people that do not fit the classic mold of 'beautiful' and your modeling experience and ability matter not a whit to me, so if you are keen please do drop a line no matter how good looking (or not) you THINK you are and no matter your experience."

"Wild Skirt
Art Model Jess


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