December 20, 2014

Welcome Thomas J. Lane

Thomas J. Lane at his official site, deviantART.


"Ladder I"

Thomas J. Lane is a professional (and passionate) photographer from Chicago, USA. I wanted to exhibit him in this site owing to the power of his work.

Beyond the strong sensuality and the impressive diversity of his pictures, here is a photographer who has something original to tell us and his creativity knows no bounds.
From raw fetish portraits to fine artistic nudes, his work is always very expressive and never unjustified. I like his compositions, his way to direct his beautiful models, his titles, and to make short his open mind.


I'm a photographer. Commercial, editorial and event photography pay the bills. But my passion is creating art, specifically fine art nudes.

People have said I have no particular style. I'm rather proud of that fact. I try to bring a special and unique look to each of my shoots. And I can still sometimes surprise myself with the results.



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