December 16, 2014

Catphrodite joins us

" My pleasure and my purpose is to work with creative minds in order to bring vision into being." Catphrodite

Catphrodite at deviantART, Model Mayhem.

Catphrodite by Olaf Starorypinski
"Little Red Riding Nori"

Modeling is an art and models are muses, as you see it daily here inside, for example Betcee May for David LeBeck or Muse for David Charles, and so on...

All the contributing photographers of this site never forget to thank them for the wonderful pictures they couldn't make without the talent of their lovely models. And Catphrodite is a gifted (and wonderful) one, inspired and inspiring artist that I'm deeply honoured to welcome in these pages.

by Scott Nichol

by Tiana Hunter

"The light half"

I'm a fine art and figure model living in the Lehigh Valley in eastern Pennsylvania, USA.

I'm far enough away from the bigger cities to consider myself a country girl, yet close enough to them that I can hop on a bus and be in the center of things in two hours. It's a nice balance of things.

I'm a mixed breed French-Canadian / Scots-Irish / Blackfoot female, raised by a family of Slovenian / Polish / Czech people who are descended from circus folk. I kid you not.

I've been modeling for over five years, although I didn't start until my late 20s. I've worked with numerous photographers and artists and have traveled to some interesting locations.

by Rick Edwards

by Rick Edwards

by Scott Nichol

"Laughing on the job"

I'm a raven haired, well-balanced, bendy type creature. My pleasure and my purpose is to work with creative minds in order to bring vision into being. I'm a model, always willing to portray self and shades of self.

I model as a means of expression. I truly enjoy working with photographers to make a vision come to life. I've never looked at this as a way to find fame. I'm in fact quite content to live a quiet existence out of the spotlight. Unless, of course, the spotlight is part of a photographer's lighting arrangement.

by Marcus J Ranum
"Light Chair 1"

I'm also a college student, working toward getting my degree in Biology. I'm fascinated by the intricate workings of nature, and am in awe of the abundance and diversity of life in all its forms.

by Olaf Starorypinski
"The Steel 8"

Some great artists Catphrodite has worked with :

Olaf Starorypinski, Marcus J. Ranum, Christopher Shaw, Ralph Cavalone, Michael Miles, Ken Brown, Michael Grapin, Stuart Vaille, Gary Welling, Bryan Hankey, Tiana Hunter, David Scott, Scott Nichol, Steve Smith, Kevin Black, Ed Quigley, Jason Etzel, Donnell Butler, Keith Manter, Mark Smith, Larry Pharo, Scott Pollack, Vince Snyder, Ryan Hulvat, Mike Slygh, Mike Panic, Bob Brown, Rick Edwards, Laurence Golden...

by Brian Hankey
"Here, kitty kitty"

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