December 1, 2014

Bryon Paul McCartney joins us (aka IMSirReal)

Bryon Paul McCartney at his official site, deviantART, redbubble, Flickr, Model Mayhem, his interview at World of the Nude Art blog by my friend Jarda Balek.

When you'll read the hundreds pages dedicated to the work of Bryon Paul McCartney, you'll constat that everybody is talking about his wonderful way to master the contrasts, the brightest light and the deep shadows, the softness of his tones or their rich saturations... all showing his surprising ability to manage the contrasts with an endless creativity, and a confirmed success.

For my part, I'll just talk about his prodigious compositions : Bryon Paul McCartney is using his eyes as the musician his ears. During my long investigation, the only question I asked myself was : but, how is it possible to shoot such incredible pictures ? So far from the gravity laws.

I admire his work since a long time, in silence... So you'll understand my happiness to welcome him on board.


Bryon Paul McCartney, American artistic photographer based in Switzerland (Winterthur, near Zürich) , specializes in portraits and fine nudes of actors, athletes, celebrities, dancers, models and performers, as well as everyday people :

" My preference is to work with talented dancers and performers. I have always admired dancers and acrobats and I think they are super-human in some ways. Ultimately, this speaks to the power of the human spirit ; a dancer is a corporal expression of what we are capable of when we put our minds to something."

"Curl Girl"Dancer Giulia Piolanti

"Giulia performs the jump I call "The Curl". Here again the lift is amazing, she can easily jump her own height without a trrampoline, just her own two legs. The Curl is difficult to master as the arms must be perpendicular to the ground."

Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University (Athens, Ohio, USA), he moves to Chicago to pursue a succesful career in graphic design, working in multimedia, brand and web design, and corporate communications.

Then he moved to Switzerland in 2000 and, following his passion to make photography his profession, he set up his own photo studio in 2003.

" I like to keep things simple, I am not into complicated sets or photographic storytelling, I try to focus more on the moment and keep a direct connection with the model."

As a photographer, he is an entirely self-taught artist, having learned his craft through personal research, as well as practical experience behind the camera.

He began his career in 1989 as a graphic designer in Chicago. In early 2003, he made the decision to leave design behind in order to explore his passion for photography.

Until June 2003, he had never used studio equipment nor worked with models, and his “photographic experience” consisted solely of vacation snapshots. However, in a relatively short period he has managed to define an artistic direction and distinctive style in his work, garnering recognition in the process.

Dancer Giulia Piolanti

"The Dying Swan"
Dancer Giulia Piolanti

IMSirReal is actually producing a book of his fine art dance photography, featuring his favorite dancer, Giulia Piolanti. It will be called "The Girl Who Could Fly".

"Artemis Fauna"

IMSirReal’s fine art photography has won numerous awards including the First Place International Photography Award for a series of fine art dance nudes.

His work has been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles and Switzerland, and is frequently published in photography magazines and online features (UP, Iconia, The New Nude, Carrie Leigh's NUDE magazine...).

Awards and honors :

Dancer Giulia Piolanti

IMSirReal has received recognition for his work from the International Photography Awards (First Place and Best of Show), Black White Spider Awards, Color Awards, awards show and others :

-First Place 2006 Prix de la Photographie Paris Px3
- Silver Award, Self-Promo, Artemis and Fauna, 2005, International Awards Show
- Bronze Award, Personal Work, Giulia Series, 2005 International Awards Show
- First Place & Best of Show Selection, Fine Art Nudes category, Giulia series, 2004 International Photography Awards (IPA)
- Finalist, Andrea, Fine Art, 2004 Black and White Spider Awards
- Finalist, Julia’s Jumps 01, Fine Art, 2004 Black and White Spider Awards

"U.F.O. Sighting"
Dancer Giulia Piolanti

Source 2006 Swiss News :

"Red Bird 6"

" Bryon Paul McCartney comes across as very comfortable in his own skin. A large man at ease in his surroundings, he strolls by gallery walls that are studded with the fruits of his labour. Accolades are mounting for the former advertising man, including a first place win in fine art nudes from the International Photography Awards.

With a book on the way, featuring his winning work and exhibits in various galleries, IMSirReal is not looking back. Maybe the overwhelming sense of peace he projects arises from something deeper than even his art can offer.

He is that rare soul who knows exactly where he wants to be."


" Take lots of pictures, learn from your mistakes and try to do something different from everyone else."

"Francesca 2"

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